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Well, well. You've found your way here, have you? Here I am. Here we are. Cozy? Let's be. Want to show me some fan art? Super! Let's see it. Got a question (k-pop, art-related, or otherwise) burning away at your grey matter? I've got grey matter of my own that I'm willing to lend out. Want to exist together in a non-face-to-face fashion? Excellent. You're on the internet. I'm on the internet. This could be destiny.

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Everyone needs a little tiny cuddle-Soo at some point

leaning-on-leader-hyung did this to me

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psycho-g-neko asked: You are so awesome!!!!!


You are also awesome

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lovemissbunny asked: I just now found you and I'm like "why haven't I found you a while ago?" It's like 1:00 in the morning here (yay America!). Anyways, I love you so much. The makeup madness thing was epic. You should do more. You're now officially special to me. If you wanna follow me, go ahead. I don't bite. Or do I? *creepy D.O. face*


Well hello hello! Ehhh looks like we share a continent. ;) You liked the makeup madness? I shall have to plan for more. Dawww thank you for considering me special! *aggressively watering anime eyes*

Wait… no biting? That’s kind of a shame. The official tabbabble welcome ceremony usually ends with biting.

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kangieroo asked: HEY YOU!!! This is a Tumblr hug. Pass this to at least 10 of your favourite followers to show how much you love them as best buddies. Make sure you don’t break the chain. Happy tumblr hugs ~!


Oooh hugs! Yay!

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domikpop asked: Can you plse follow me? I love your vids so much I love exo too! Im new to tumblr \(*^◆^*)/♥


I sure can ;)

Welcome, darling!!!!!!!!

now you can never leave

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liliyan-exo asked: are you really a squishy servant for the overlord Do kyungsoo? O.O




I don’t know what you could possibly


be speaking of.


Surely, you are mistaken.

*cough cough*

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Anonymous asked: Love your job miss. Oh, and did Tao had his precious pizza ? :3


Of course! 

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mustacheninjamarz asked: Can I just say you are amazing and whenever I'm down I just watch your videos and you make me happy and smile :)


Awww thank you thank you :’D I’m so happy! Please keep smiling!

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incand1escence asked: ermagersh i just found you on yt todayayyay and saw your frozen parody x) your kris and do parts were flawless like how ???? ANDYOURFANARTISSOCUTEOKAYBYE C:


Ahhh I’m glad you found me :D Thank you <3

Since you’re curious, I’m actually a squishy servant of the dark overlord Do Kyungsoo and he lent me some of his supernatural power for those scenes.

 But you did not hear that from me  I mean… what?

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Anonymous asked: Just wanted to say thank you for existing you beautifully amazing human being! ^^


Oh wow thank you! *fans away happy tears* That’s so sweet! 

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