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Well, well. You've found your way here, have you? Here I am. Here we are. Cozy? Let's be. Want to show me some fan art? Super! Let's see it. Got a question (k-pop, art-related, or otherwise) burning away at your grey matter? I've got grey matter of my own that I'm willing to lend out. Want to exist together in a non-face-to-face fashion? Excellent. You're on the internet. I'm on the internet. This could be destiny.

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I keep getting asked if I’m on Instagram but…
How does one do the gram-ing instantly and all that jazz? OH GOSH I feel old! “What is this insta-photo nonsense? Back in my day a see-through Tamagotchi was all you needed to be cool.”

Is it because I don’t post enough selfies?

I’d do it for you beautiful people. You know I would.

…just don’t judge my ability to hold a camera at the proper angle.

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Wait is this…
An I-Got-A-Boy costume?

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Oh Deer, The Jungle Is No Place For a Tao

And here we have a very realistic scenario in which a fearful Tao encounters a deer in the jungle

It’s a jungle deer.

Just go with it.

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domikpop asked: Who is your bias in bigbang? (Do u have one?)


Ohohohoho! My official Big Bang bias is G-Dragon. I mean, it can’t be helped. He’s on a level of cool that elevators don’t reach.

but my secret bias is Daesung because holy moly that man is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to variety show shenanigans and it just makes me so conflicted

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If it seems like I’ve suddenly followed then unfollowed then quickly followed you again, that wasn’t me being indecisive; that was me almost dropping my phone on my face

If it went something like follow-unfollow-follow-unfollow-follow-unfollow-follow….

that was me panicking about it

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let’s see how many of my followers I can follow before I fall(oh) asleep tonight! ;)

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DO AEGYO: Frozen Parody (EXO Ver.)

        Sehun has his ways…

Alright, so I wasn’t born with the golden vocal pipes of a Disney princess. Just enjoy the lyrics…

Do aegyo, do aegyo

Won’t hold my tongue anymore

Do aegyo, do aegyo

Shave your face so they think you’re four

I’m not scared

Of their so-called “rage”

Let them bring it on

The hyungs never bothered me anyway…

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Anonymous asked: remember when you had no idea how to tell eo (the key is broken meeehhh) apart and now you can probably tell who's who by looking their ass


There will be no telling who’s who by backsides while Exo’s protector of assets is around ;)

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♪♫ boys with bad tresses


and wizardy glasses


incredibly long and quite feminine lashes


neck veins that show every time that he sings


these are a few of my favourite things ♪♫


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