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Well, well. You've found your way here, have you? Here I am. Here we are. Cozy? Let's be. Want to show me some fan art? Super! Let's see it. Got a question (k-pop, art-related, or otherwise) burning away at your grey matter? I've got grey matter of my own that I'm willing to lend out. Want to exist together in a non-face-to-face fashion? Excellent. You're on the internet. I'm on the internet. This could be destiny.

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exoiseternity asked: I think we were eating chicken nuggets together.


I think we did! This is like a chick flick moment without the romantic plotline… and revolving around chicken nuggets

— 15 hours ago

Sweet pumpkin spice! Would you look at how festive my recording area is right now?!

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Anonymous asked: I want a billion of you just wondering around so that I can just walk up to one whenever I want and make nonsensical kpop jokes


What did Taemin do when he spilled BBQ chicken on his nice shirt?

He got Onew one.

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undertheexosphere asked: OH btw Unni, now that I'm relatively calm after your teaser, what Harry Potter house are you in?


Oh…. I don’t actually know! How does one find out?

*checks entire house for owl letters*

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exoiseternity asked: Omg I just watched your video and I was also at the Infinite concert in New York.


Oh! Exciting! I wonder what part of the room you would be in in my memory space. I remember it pretty well. Or the line! Maybe you were at the front where everyone was screaming and flailing… Or maybe in the back, way around the block, where we were all chilling out eating chicken nuggets. ;)

— 1 week ago
Anonymous asked: Hrmmmmh!! I don't think you where a bad fan! Just really humble! (I went like... Ohohhhh! He's right behind her serenading Tabby....) thumbs up! Saranghaeyo!! :)


Lucky for silly little me he was in that lower balcony and not behind me ;) I might have jumped 10 ft out of my chair!

security team would’ve been all “dang even those back balconies ain’t safe”

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The new video is here!

What happened when I attended Infinite’s One Great Step in NYC? A story of a little too much panic and a lack of romantic notions.

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Today’s the day! New video THE BAD FAN on the way!

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A new video

"The Bad Fan"

Will be out tomorrow!!!

*runs around screaming in joy*

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